Teeth Whitening: Teeth Sensitivity and Desensitizing Products

Teeth Whitening: Teeth Sensitivity and Desensitizing Products

I know some of you are wondering why Luelli teeth whitening system comes with a desensitizing gel. 

So, what is it? What does this gel do? Does it help whiten our teeth? Continue reading below to better understand what this gel does to your teeth and what it exists. 

Teeth Sensitivity

Can't enjoy a scoop of ice cream or a cup of coffee without having your teeth ache. That there is teeth sensitivity. 

Dentinal hypersensitivity, or much known as tooth sensitivity, is a common dental problem that affects one out of eight Americans. It occurs when the enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, is worn down and is exposing the dentin.

Our teeth have three layers;

  • Enamel
  • Dentin
  • Pulp (where the nerves and blood vessels are located)

If you're wondering what causes the enamel to get worn down – it's acid. You read it right. It's acid. 

The acids that came from food, drinks, and even from plaque can melt away our teeth' outer layer. When that happens, the nerve endings behind the dentin's layer become sensitive to a sudden change in temperatures. 

How does teeth sensitivity relate to teeth whitening?

Believe it or not, teeth whitening products erode your enamel's thin layer to give them a brighter hue. The hydrogen peroxide (an active ingredient in most teeth whitening products and also a weak acid) bleaches our teeth removing the stain build-up on the surface.

It's a good thing that the sensitivity is not permanent. You'll have your teeth back to normal again after a couple of days. 

We at Luelli know this. That is why we took the initiative to include a desensitizing gel whenever you buy a kit from us. 

Wait a minute. How does a desensitizing gel work?

What is a desensitizing gel?

It's a combination of active ingredients that helps block pain signals traveling from your tooth's surface to the nerve endings inside the pulp. In other words, it is a pain blocker. 

This product protects the tender and sensitive nerve inside your tooth from extreme sensation from hot and cold temperatures. 

I tell you this. Depending on the brand, desensitizing products may take a while for you to experience its effectiveness. Some work immediately, but most desensitizing takes a while to work. 

Active ingredients

Aside from the brand, the ingredients included also matter how effective the desensitizing product is. Here are common ingredients you should try to look out for:

Fluoride - a wonderful mineral that helps fortify your enamel from acids. It also helps build a new layer of enamel making your teeth stronger. 

Potassium nitrate - this ingredient decreases the dental sensory nerve signals from going to the brain.

Strontium chloride - it blocks dentinal tubules, which prevents hot and cold temperatures from penetrating the dental sensory nerves. 

Desensitizing products aren't just pain blockers, after all. They also include fortifying ingredients, which helps restore the worn enamel. 


Now, you know why Luelli comes with a desensitizing gel. Don't panic if you experience teeth sensitivity after using teeth whitening products. Just use any desensitizing products to help manage the pain. But most of all, visit your dentist and ask for guidance when you want to whiten your teeth. 


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