Teeth Erosion: The Harmful Effects of Acids on Teeth

Teeth Erosion: The Harmful Effects of Acids on Teeth

Sometimes we forget about our teeth, especially when the food is quite delicious and mouthwatering. Food isn’t bad; we need it. However, we cannot neglect the fact that sometimes we abuse them. Instead of the good things we get from it, we get bad things. 

Sweet and tasty foods aren’t bad, as long as we maintain the recommended daily intake. Going from it could compromise our body, specifically our teeth. So, what’s up with sweet foods? I thought our cells need sugar to convert into energy. What gives? Continue reading below.

What is Teeth Erosion?

Teeth erosion, or also known as dental erosion, is permanent damage on your teeth where they slowly erode due to acids. This dental problem happens when teeth are constantly exposed to acids. 

When this happens, you may experience teeth sensitivity, discoloration, higher risk for cavities, tooth abscess (in extreme cases), and tooth loss.   

Once you have teeth erosion, there’s a chance you will end up needing a dental filling or crown. Veneers are also a good option to help you restore your smile. 

How Does Sugar Cause Teeth Erosion?

No matter how you try to clean your mouth, there’s still a small number of bacteria remaining in there. These bacteria thrive by eating the same food we eat, especially sugar. These bacteria convert sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose into acids in a process called glycolysis

The negative effects of this process don’t just happen overnight; it’s a slow and constant process. That is why brushing your teeth twice a day is important. It helps slow or prevents this process from progressing. 

Sugar Riched and Highly Acidic Foods

It’s not just sugar that brings harm to your teeth. Highly acidic foods too. To help you, here are a few foods (and beverages) you should be aware of. 

Soft drinks - even if they are sugar-free, the acids that are inside the drinks wear a layer of your enamel. It’s better to drink it occasionally than drinking it every day. 

Candies - they’re one of the major culprits of dental decay. After having some candies, whatever it may wash your mouth with water after eating. 

Citrus fruits - these fruits are known to be acidic. If you’re planning on having them, better off including in your meal. 

Dried fruits - they are typically super sweet. Most dry fruits I’ve tasted are covered with confectioner sugar to keep them dry, which prolongs their shelf life. 

Few Tips to Avoid Teeth Erosion

  • Wait about an hour before you brush your teeth after eating acidic foods or drinks. By doing so, you’re giving you saliva to wash off the acid in your mouth and hardening them in the process.

  • Use a straw when drinking soft drinks. This prevents contact between the beverage and your teeth. 

  • After acidic meals or beverages, rinse your mouth with water.

  • Chew sugarless gum occasionally. Gum helps you salivate, which is good for your teeth. Saliva helps wash sugar and acids off your teeth.

Last Words

Now you have an idea of how teeth erosion can do to your teeth. If you want to have a beautiful and white set of teeth, follow these tips above. Also, brush your teeth twice a day.


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