Stain-causing Foods That's Bad for Your Teeth

Stain-causing Foods That's Bad for Your Teeth

Are you using the Luelli teeth whitening system? I presume you already have brighter teeth right now. That's great. Joy fills our hearts when we learn people are getting a brighter shade from their teeth using our teeth whitening system. With the whitening power of Luelli and your effort, we guarantee 'you'll always have the confidence to smile.

Speaking of effort, we found out several foods that cause stains to your teeth. Aside from that, it can also diminish the effectiveness of teeth whitening systems. Continue reading below what these foods are. 

Foods That Stain Your Teeth

1# Tea

Tea is undoubtedly great for your health. However, drinking your favorite every day wouldn't be a great idea if you're keeping your teeth white. A lot of dentists have a common say about it; tea can cause more stains than coffee. But how?

Well, coffee and tea both contain tannins, a substance that's naturally found in plants. As you constantly consume tea, tannins start to build-up on your teeth, which then turn into stains. So, the darker the brew becomes, the more concentrated the tannins are found. 

2# Sauces 

Does anybody a fan of sauces here? Well, think again. Dark-colored sauces like soy, tomato, and curry have a high staining factor. Have you ever washed your table cloth with a soy stain? Isn't it hard to remove? 

Yes, it does.

The same goes for your pearly white teeth. I'm not saying you should avoid these sauces, but limiting your consumption will save you from teeth stains caused by them.

3# Berries

Oh, berries! I love them, especially blueberries. 

Berries are great for the body. They naturally have antioxidants that help your body dispose of wastes. Sadly, berries do stain your teeth. Berries like blueberry, cranberries, cherry, and several others do leave a stain on your precious teeth. 

So, does blueberry jam off the list? I hate to break it up to you, but it's a no. Regardless of their form, they still can stain. Whether you eat it whole or scoop a spoonful of jam, its staining factor remains. I'm not prohibiting you. You can still eat them even when using the Luelli teeth whitening system.

But do wash your mouth after consuming them. Don't let them linger in your mouth for too long. They, too, have acid, which is bad for your teeth. 

4# Soda and Carbonated Drinks

They're undoubtedly one of the top beverages dentists tell their patients to avoid – for some good reason, though. Soda pops and carbonated drinks are highly riched in sugar, which bacteria love. How about staining?

Well, the dye in these drinks is the main culprit to staining. Not to mention the acids found in these drinks eat away your enamel, making it prone to stain even more. 

5# Red Wine

Love to take a sip a glass of red wine? Let me tell you that red wine is one of the culprits of greyish stains on teeth. This particular strain is much harder to remove, even with the use of a teeth whitening system. But how?

Well, do you remember tannins that are found in coffee and teas? Red wine has a lot of it. If you want to have beautiful and pearly white teeth, I'd keep that bottle of red wine 'till the next party if I were you. 


Consuming these foods in moderation aren't that bad. As a matter of fact, they all provide more good things than bad ones. So, if you're using the Luelli teeth whitening system, keep an eye out for these foods. It may reduce the effectiveness of the system. For more information tips like this one, stay tuned to our blog series!


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